Welcome to the Gratitude Ignited Course!

Welcome to the Gratitude Ignited E-Course

I want to take a moment and honor you for taking this step towards self-discovery through the art of creative exploration. You are putting your own needs on the priority list, and that is no small step. You are so worth it, my dear, and your soul is jumping for joy.

What to expect:

You have been granted instant access to the first 2 weeks of the course material. Weeks 3 & 4 will be released on week 3. Each week consists of art lessons plus self reflection questions pertaining to that week’s theme. I encourage you to take your time each week. The more time and effort that you put into each project, the more you will get out of them.

Recommended materials:

  • A lined journal for writing. This can be something that you already own, or you are welcome to buy a new one dedicated to this journey - the choice is yours. 
  • An art journal. My favorite art journal is the 9x12 Strathmore Visual Journal. You can also use watercolor paper. I recommend that whatever paper you choose, make sure it is 140 lb. The thicker paper will take wet paint better. You can find these materials online or at a Michael’s Craft Store (be sure to use a coupon to save money!)
  • Acrylic paints - craft quality is fine. You just want a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Papers for collage. I like to use book pages, dictionary pages, music pages, scrapbook paper, newspaper - just about anything and everything. You can find cheap books at thrift stores. (Don’t feel bad about taking them apart! You are giving them new life.)
  • Blank, white paper. Computer paper is fine, or card stock.
  • Glueing agent, such as Mod Podge, or matte medium. Mod Podge is more economically friendly, and it does a great job in mixed media projects. A glue stick & elmer’s glue are also good to have on hand.
  • Magazines for clipping.
  • Markers, colored pencils, black sharpies in various sizes. The supplies your kids use are fine - nothing fancy here.

You can find links to all of my favorite art supplies here:


These are a good starting point. There may be other materials that are used during the art lessons, but I will provide alternative suggestions when applicable.

A materials list will be provided with each lesson. I recommend that you watch the art video first, and then decide if you want to purchase additional art supplies. Please do not let this be a stressing factor. Use what you have - be creative! It’s about the process, not about duplicating the projects exactly as shown.

 As fun as the art projects are, the self reflection questions are just as important to dedicate time and energy to. You may want to slowly add to each question throughout the week, or perhaps you prefer to set aside a time block to answer them all in depth at one time - whatever works best for you. Try a variety of approaches to find your own method.

 The purpose of these questions is to truly open up your awareness to areas that need attention, because without awareness, there can be no action. Create a special space for you to have time to focus on each question, and to tune in to your physical feelings and emotions. BE with yourself without distractions. Take yourself on a date. Pamper yourself. This is a time just for you.

I am so excited for you & the journey you are about to embark on. Have a blast!!!!!

 With love,

Lulu Bea

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